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NERAMIT PLUS CO.,LTD. established in 2010 under the Civil Master Group,
targets the specialization in Innovative Solutions for Industries, Building and Infrastructure
development to achieve ultimate client satisfaction and growth.

Environmentally friendly,optimized solution from the corner-stone of
our service portfolio, whick are certified by International Standards, and backed
by our highly qualified business partners.

We are committed to providing ultimate quality and excellent value to ensure our
Clients satisfaction.

Our Products and Services Include
- "PIPE RACKING SYSTEM" (Comprehensive Production from part manufacturing to assembly)
- "RACKING" (Selective, Drive-In, Mezzanine, ASRS and Shutter pallet)
- "PLASTIC PALLET" (Drum/Epal Euro)
- “ROTAREX” (FireDETEC System and Accessories)
- “ROVAL COLD GALVANIZING PAINT” (World Class Japanese 96% dft. Zinc Content)
- “FACTORY CONSTRUCTION” (by Professional Control & Management)

Through excellent inventory management, we can ensure value-engineered proposals and on-time delivery
to meet client requirements and achieve scheduled targets.

NERAMIT PLUS CO.,LTD. continues to develop and evolve through successful business strategy, the backing
of our mother company and world class business partners, and most importantly, through the essential
support and satisfaction of our Clients.

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